Anyone who does three or more of the following:

-Wears a full length leather trench coat.

-Sports long greasy hair with a middle parting.

-Extends the straps on their backpack to maximum length.

-Covers their face with outrageous piercings whilst still having to wear prescription spectacles.

-Listens to thrash metal.

-Has plenty of time to lace up a pair of knee-high goth boots, but not enough to spray themselves with deodorant.
"I hope my kid never grows up to be like that drongo. What a waste of life."
by fhjek February 18, 2010
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Dumbass, idiot
(Aussie slang)
"It doesn't go in the shed, ya drongo!"
by Bec December 13, 2003
Australian slang: A "no-hoper" or fool. Derives from a racehorse of that name in the 1920's that never one a race out of 37 starts.

Recruits to the RAAF in WWII earned the nickname "drongos".

(Nothing to do with the class of bird -- drongo)
"You've really mucked that up, ya drongo!"
by PEB May 15, 2006
a stupid, inept, dimwit or slow-witted person
"ya big drongo!"
by eH? March 17, 2003
A person seemed to be, in some form or another, stupid. Drongo is a typically australian word and is part of common australian dialect.
Pass me that wratchet you Drongo
by neon2000 November 11, 2003
An Australianism or Aussieism for an unintelligent person, a loser, a halfwit or someone that is running on half a deck.
LOL! Did you see that drongo just do a linelock outside the police station? He is busted for sure.
by Woohzal March 11, 2008
fool to act in a stupid way to make your self a laughing stock
you bloody Drongo you have spilled my beer
by Kiaran Clarson September 25, 2003
An Australian word, which is derived from a type of bird of that name (or so I'm informed) that lives down here. It was observed by the "Old Australians" as acting rather crazily, and thus an Aussie will call someone a drongo to say that they're an idiot. There are a number of alternative Australian pay-outs of this nature and calibre, such as clown, galah, wakka, minda, and many others.
"Scotty! What ARE ya doing, ya drongo?"
by beano June 29, 2003

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