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The act of being a lazy douche bag, over paid and under worked, low level brain capacity, but still insists on using large words far beyond his intelligence such as I Digress. Six generations behind on the evolutionary scale, and may also be seen wearing a 20 year old dirty, dingy Denver Broncos jacket.
That old bastard doesn't do anything at work but sleep under his desk, take 4 lunches, bum cigarettes, and reminisce about the old days, then he still takes credit for all the work, what a Driscoll.
by Your Friendly Neighborhood AMAT CE December 03, 2006
a fucking savage who is so legit that they need to lock him up
That guy over there is such a driscoll, he's all over your mom right now.
by San Jose Lover March 24, 2010
Someone, usually a white Irish kid who is always either playing video games, or is always on their computer.
Dude, all u do is play PS2. You're such a friggin Driscoll!
by Izzle Fizzle March 27, 2007
1. A sexual position whereby the male forcibly inserts his entire fist into the female and repeats numerously.
That bitch definitely got Driscolled, she hasn't been able to sit for a week.
by heeheho56 March 14, 2009
Child Molester, Creepy, Usually a short slumpy annoying half blind crosseyed paranoid annoying retarted hockey fan that drives a ford escort. driscoll here tonite???
by Afriendofanotherfriend2 March 09, 2009
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