an adjetive to describe something awesome or a word that you ramdomly yell
your shoes are drippin
by Breanna Autry April 22, 2008
an awesome thing; slang version of awesome
Dude, that Lambo is DRIPPIN!
by DRIPPINgirl101 May 29, 2009
another way to say killa,cool or awsome
hey that movie was drippin
by Kanarzonator May 05, 2009
really cool, awesome, fresh, amazing.
Wow mike you are so drippin!
by peniskiller09 April 22, 2009
means cool, alsome, insane.
msn that car is drippin
by slangking00000000000001 March 17, 2009
(Dri-ppin)noun- Badass, kickass cool
Yo Carl that shirt is Drippin!
by Ben Roberto May 15, 2008
A nickname for something that is cool.
Wow, that new T-shirt you got is really drippin.
by Luke Stella March 26, 2008
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