The act of drinking alcohol, preferably Dripping Springs Vodka. One is drippin when they have a cup of their drink of choice and they are relaxing on a porch somewhere.
I can't wait to get home so I can start drippin.

Welcome to the drippin porch; grab a drink!

We dripped so much, now we're weavin.
by Drippin crew May 26, 2009
To be uncool, do uncool things, be gross, say dumb gross things.

Do something disgusting.

The term originated from a girl who had sex with a guy and crawled out of bed and "dripped out" onto his computer.
"dude, gross, stop drippin"
by bukustars February 01, 2010
When you are acting in a manner of GAY
Person#1 Yo brudda dat nigga be a drippin

Person#2 I know, he be walkin like a platypus
by S Scuba Steve S April 21, 2010
To be drunk.
"I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo drippin rizzite nizzow."
by T-BagSquared March 06, 2010
Very cool; Something fun that's out of the ordinary.
School was so drippin today becuase we went to Six Flags
by NerojS September 16, 2009
1.something that is cool, sweet, or "sick" (new slang from the show zoey 101)

2. something that is sogging or soggy in a drooping manor
Danggg that new phone is drippin!
by Miss JoMamma October 22, 2007
to be left hangin'; something forgottin about
"Yo im drippin here, finish that story.."

"You better come through, don't leave me drippin"
by hot to the dog March 12, 2009

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