1.something that is cool, sweet, or "sick" (new slang from the show zoey 101)

2. something that is sogging or soggy in a drooping manor
Danggg that new phone is drippin!
by Miss JoMamma October 22, 2007
Top Definition
something that awesome/cool. A replacement for raw or beast
"Dude that shirts drippin"
by Mr. Postman November 10, 2009
totally cool or awesome. Said by Michael on "Zoey 101," who was trying to popularize it as a slang word.
Michael: That is so drippin.

Chase: Saying "drippin" is so not drippin.

Michael: You can't use the word against itself.
by Dr. Heywood R. Floyd October 22, 2007
Originating from Zoey 101, means awesome, cool, "rad", etc.
Dude, that set of matresses was def drippin'.
by Bshea992 January 26, 2008
During intimacy with a female partner she will become ‘wet’ to be ready for penetration.
If you think yourself somewhat of a Casanova or Sex God you will consider her to be Drippin’.
During a night in Chezney made Tash Drippin' with pleasure.
by Chris Iles June 05, 2005
A slang word meaning 'cool' or something that is utterly of the scale. Used by teens it will soon become the most popular urbannword.
Have you seen the new chocolate sold at the corner shop?
Yeah, its totally "drippin'"
Ikr! The BEST chocolate ive ever tasted
by im in the building October 26, 2013
a revolutionary adjective undermining the foundation of all hip adjectives.

the only people that do not use the word drippin for the most drippin experiences are troglodytes

Even will smith, the fresh prince of bell air tossed around the expression on occasion.
James: " Yo kelsie, that was a Drippin time"
Kelsie: " sooo Drippin "
by kmiks October 18, 2014
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