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Mixed alcoholic drink.
The only ice I got is in my drinkies
by friarsams November 04, 2005
17 2
A cunning, attractive alter ego that comes from the consumption of alcohol.
Say bye to Mick Lenzser, Dr. Inky will be here any minute.
by Benoaster April 15, 2006
9 3
Tipsy, drunk, intoxicated.
"Those shots left me drinky, man."
by somebodyyoudontevenknow December 12, 2009
6 1
After smoking substances such as marijuana, the extreme NEED for a beverage (or two or three...) This becomes a direct result of cotton mouth. After getting the drinkies, expect the munchies to follow.
Dude man, I am so high, I got the drinkies!
by Coach Roach November 22, 2003
6 4
When you are drinky you are starving for a liquid. Hungry=thirsty Starving=drinky
I am so drinky I havnt had anything to drink all day
19 27