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The Motto of Bear Grylls.

New studies indicate that piss is the elixir of youth.

and youtube.com/watch?v=tjlbc5IPhgI to watch how it's technically done.

Go to buzzfeed.com/awesomer/survival-tips-from-bear-grylls
for more tips from the master.
Me:Why the fuck are judging this? Have you ever drank your own piss? If I say it's the elixir of youth, I mean it's the elixir of youth!!!

Bear Grylls: You tell 'em, Nick. The sun's going down, better Drink My Own Piss. Wait, I'm out of my own piss. Hey Nick

Me : Yeah?

Bear Grylls: I'm out of my own piss..... I better Drink Your Piss, mate.
by Nick Karoshi June 28, 2011