A word which is said when you see a bum asking you for change
"Spare some change guys" DRIFTY!!!
by Crennaldo July 18, 2009
Combination of 'drifting off to sleep' & 'sleepy'= DRIFTY.
Meaning: getting tired, sleepy, fatigued, worn out and ready for bed, how one feels just before having a nap
I'm starting to feel a bit drifty; I think it's time to get in my cozy bed and have a sleep!
by poutinepete April 12, 2016
crazy bitch who doesn't know how to keep is tongue in his mouth
Drifty can't put his tongue in his mouth
by gangstabitch12365 May 30, 2015
A person whose awareness and judgement are lacking.
"I don't know if she knows where she's going or how she's getting there. She's a bit drifty."
by Bcr8tv July 29, 2016
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