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Driftless Pony Club is a popular and acclaimed indie rock band now based in Chicago. The members of the band are Craig Benzine, Matt Weber, Sam Grant, and Nate Bartley.

The band has three releases -- Jane (2004), Cholera (2006), and Expert (2009). As of 2009, they are signed to DFTBA Records.

In addition to creating music, the band is also known for the irreverent (and sometimes bizarre) videos they create, many of which are available on their YouTube channel (SamboneJr).

Driftless Pony Club's music is most often compared to Modest Mouse. The band openly acknowledge Modest Mouse as one of their guitar rock inspirations, along with the Pixies, Weezer, and many others.
Who's playing at the Beat Kitchen tonight? Driftless Pony Club.
Driftless Pony Club rocks!
by martha_s February 07, 2010
A Chicago based Indie band, one fourth of which has the power to make Explosion Wednesday a thing. Explosion Wednesday SHOULD be a thing.
"Hey, did you go see Driftless Pony Club last Explosion Wednesday?... Not that it's a thing."
"Yea they were great... except for CRAIG, who kept not making Explosion Wednesday a thing."
by Henry, the Observer October 24, 2011
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