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Hacked up bicycle frame
That bike has been drewed!
by nofixie February 24, 2009
What happens when a hipster takes a rotary grinding tool to various non-removable parts on a bicycle.
"That hipster ruined that old 10-speed, I mean he just DREWED it!"
by fixiefighter August 24, 2009
The act of being alienated from a group of friends or a specific social circle.
I felt drewed after I didn't get invited to the party.
by R Francis December 22, 2011
being denied something of value, usually alcohol playing a factor
Person 1: "That guy was so drunk at the poker table"
Person 2: "I know, I totally drewed him out of all his money"
by Mr Hottness September 12, 2011
To tuck a tshirt into your pants/shorts/jeans/sweatpants.
Did you see that nerd wtih his wolf T-shirt drewed in?
by Jivebro August 17, 2011
meaning to basically be up shit creek, screwed over, fucked or just generally in big trouble.
haha you're so drewed
by UNfle February 20, 2007
An act of sex, usually one involving an exotic location. Named for Drew C., the originator of the act of being "drewed." Used typically within the ABF, and occasionally in other other situations.
Dude, Ben got Drewed on Mac Statue.
by the notorious BPC December 08, 2005
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