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a cocksucker who likes to fuck with girls and should fucking DIE.
Drew Dakesian fucks with my friends because he is a fuckhole.
by Arnold Friend March 30, 2005
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Drama fcuk queen of a 'man' if that's what you want to call it. Think's he is king fucking shit. Feels the need to fuck with girls. Feels the need to lie about everything. THinks he is cool due to his obsession with Kill Bill.
See Also fucktard, asshole, fuckface, lame, man whore, faggity ass
Drew Dakesian fucks with people to no end, and has the most unoriginal screen name on the face of the Earth.
by Nate Specht March 30, 2005
a pimp from Florida who has a huge penis.he enjoy's Quentin Tarantino movies.
"Damn,Drew was pimpin' many-a-hoe at the movies while watchin Kill Bill"
by Drew Dakesian May 21, 2004

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