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When a gentleman is shagging a woman with an unshaven private area, upon reaching ejaculation, he screams RAAAANNNCCCHHHH (pulls out) DRESSINNNNGGG!!!!! and ejaculates all over her pubic hair.

And this ladies and gents, is dressing the salad.
That bitch was hairy so i dressed her salad. I had fun Dressing the Salad
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What you accomplish when you toss the salad after letting him release in your mouth. See tossing the salad.
Person A: "So, after he came in my mouth he asked me to toss his salad."
Person B: "Oh, so he wasn't satisfied with a straight out ass lick. He wanted his spunk spread around his own trunk. Let me tell you sweetie, you were dressing the salad"
by r.c.586 June 01, 2009
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