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A fully decked out motorcycle which has been enhanced through add-ons to make them appear more stylish and/or more comfortable for longer rides. Add-ons that result in a motorcycle being considered a dresser include windscreen, backrest, good-time radio, CB radio, and saddlebags. After putting these add-ons onto a motorcycle that bike is said to be 'fully dressed' (or a 'dresser').
Damn, all you see are fools riding sportsters or dressers these days. No real bikers left anymore.
by biffula April 07, 2010
the dresser is a wonderful invention that holds clothes, games, food, drugs, and condoms you know all the necessities in life. but some people don't use this for these things except clothes because they are afraid that their parents will find it but at the same time parents actually are afraid of what the child has in there
my dresser is hardcore i see purple and green
by the panther2323 December 03, 2008
when you get your dick stuck in your zipper
I hope i never have to deal with the pain of a dresser.
by cluster fuck rainbow fish November 04, 2008
Early nineties term for people who wear mainstream high street clothing. Used mainly by crusties to describe most other people who did not wear ripped jeans/jumpers and army boots with no laces. Not to be confused with Townies who wore baseball caps and would now be called chavs.
look at that dresser with her global hypercolour teeshirt!
by sluffy June 01, 2007
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