very slick crazy kriminal
ima be drebs always and for ever,cant be immitated
#kriminal #gangster #cholo #g #famouse
by STEVENseon November 01, 2007
Top Definition
A mess up, a mistake. You are said to have drebbed if you mess up like Frank Drebbin of 'Police Squad' fame. Invented by Matt Collings, who was a drebber himself, of the first degree.
A device was also formatted to measure these drebs; the drebbommitter.
Ha! look at you! you have drebbed up there! (Dinner all down front).
"oh I just drebbed!" (stepped in dogshit, etc)
#mistake #mess-up #disaster #fail #wrongey
by Matt technodon Collings December 27, 2012
a word that you cant tell someone what it means.
Hey Sam you're a dreb.
Whats that?
cant tell you! :p
#dreb #douche #cant #tell #you
by Alexpppp May 20, 2008
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