the man or woman of your dreams who has no idea who you are. stems from the idea that when this person walks into the room, the song "dreamweaver" by reo speedwagon starts playing in your head, everything else goes blurry, you lose the ability to speak, etc. you usually give this person a weird codename.
the delicious bass was my dreamweaver until we finally got introduced.
by y0m0mma May 15, 2007
Top Definition
An exceptionally epic '70s Soft Rock Ballad by Gary Wright with some sick and kind of creepy synthesizer effects to start the song off making you wonder, "What the fuck is going on!?" if you've never heard the song before, but sending chills down your spine and getting you pumped for Dream Weaver if you have heard the song before. It then does a total 180 when Gary starts singing the first lyrics, and then he segues into the refrain, which is an 11 on a scale from 1 to 10 of epicness. It is a quintessential '70s song. It's a good song to trip acid to, smoke weed to or do mushrooms to.
Dude, I brought the kush. Did you bring Dream Weaver?
by JSF87 May 21, 2011
A person hired as a 'web developer', 'designer', or 'web programmer' who only knows how to develop a website within the confines of Dreamweaver, Frontpage, or other web design programs.

They have no actual knowledge of any HTML, JavaScript, or CSS. Unless they can create the website using the drag-and-drop functionality of these programs, they are lost.

They also call in often to technical support to ask for assistance on the website whenever real coding is required.
The email form on our site stopped working and it took 4 hours to fix it because we hired of a bunch of dreamweavers instead of real programmers.
by MrAustin March 18, 2010
A Dreamweaver is a mystical soul in a state of coma that can do anything in his/her own dream. Only people in an eternal dream can be a Dreamweaver.
Alexander is a Lunar Dreamweaver.
by AJtheprogrammer December 18, 2015
A web developer/designer that primarily uses the Adobe Creative Suite for most of their work. Although there are the amateurs, it is the professionals that can fully bend these programs to their will by utilizing Cascading Style Sheets and Javascript.

Also the name of the program the designers are named after.
Have you seen the websites that guy has made? He's such a dreamweaver.

Do you even know what a body tag is? You're such a dreamweaver!
by ComputerGeek1 October 16, 2010
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