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Undocumented young man/woman brought to the USA as a toddler and raised as an American. He/She has high American values and great respect for his/her "home country" America.

He is a dreammie, his father is a wet-back.

He is a dreammie, he is class valedictorian!

She isn't American at all, she is a dreammie!

Go back to your real home dreammie!

She has very high grades and everyone admiers her, it is a shame that she is a dreammie!

That guy is in ROTC, he is holding the US flag and he is a dreammie!

Too bad for dreammies, they can't get a driver's licence because they have no social security number.

Dreammies are very cool people, they are mostly fluent bilinguals!
by charly_498 September 29, 2005
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