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The most rigged television game show ever. Everybody knows Matt Bullard is going to win as if he was actually better. He's just a ringer who has been doing broadcasting since he retired in the late 90s.
Dream Job winners don't ever do Sportscenter.
by anonymous March 05, 2005
A dreamjob is said to be potential when you have incredible amounts of sperm building up in your system, to no relief.

This persistence of non-relief is then abruptly ended when your mind takes over and instills a fantastic dream in your deepest sleep, a dream so real that an incredible explosion occurs in your pants, at the hands of no one but your dreams.

In effect, your dream gets you off.
"Man I hadn't masturbated in so long, I got a dreamjob last night."

"My dream really got me good last night, Federico."

"I prefer a dreamjob to sex, Samuel Ferdernicker."

"I exploded in my gawdamn pants last night, Jeffrey Paulertucker, a damn dreamjob, I tell ya what!"
by DPaptG February 04, 2010