Someone who visions of happiness and peace for mankind. Someone who believes that someday the world will truly be as one.
Jim always try to see the good in people. He's always kind, and always doing the right thing. What's up with him, is he a hippie?

Maybe he's a dreamer.
by anthony binas April 16, 2008
Top Definition
One who doesn't think by physical boundaries, who has 'his head in the clouds'.
Bud is a dreamer, he can't seem to focus.
by Catch Stanguard January 19, 2004
A remote controlled useful idiot, gets his occupy marching orders while he sleeps from a man who thinks he's god who beams them directly into his head like a magical dream that he personally took part in so vivid and real he can't wait to go to sleep so he can talk to god and continue their conversation once more.
Mr. President, What fairy tale dream did you show to the Dreamer's last night? Another dump on a cop car? or did you tell them to rape a goat in your honor? Or loot, pillage and rob?
by ChicagoThunder1 May 15, 2016
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