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The Gods of Progressive Rock, and a band consisting living legends:
John Petrucci (Guitars and vocals - overwhelming)
James Labrie (Vocals - Better than best)
John Myung (Bass - great but seems to be by his band members)
Jordan Rudess (Keyboards, Continuum and lap steel guitar - petrucci's music twin)
Mike Portnoy (Drums, Percussion, Vocals - One of the greatest drummers)

Every1 should get DT's new album, Octavarium, it ROCKS!!
Dream Theater rules over the popular fucks in terms of 'music'(but music is all that matters!) and cannot be compared to crappy-rappy music shits.

Bitch: "yo dumbass, rap is the best, dream theater sux shit"
Me: "Well, that's cuz u don't know real music, and suck the mic 24/7, cocksucker.
Bitch: "O.."
Me: "Yeah you STFU, or i'll call Bush"\

Famous albums:
Images and Words
Train of Thought
by yomommy June 30, 2005
The greatest band ever. They formed in 1985 in Long Island, New York. A lot of people have already talked about their music and influences already. Their newest album is Octavarium, which contains a song called Octavarium, which clocks in at 24 minutes long, making it their longest song. You know these guys are good.
Me: Dream Theater are a kickass band

Emo kid: na uh! MCR can soo rule them!

Me: *slap*
by Octopussy July 28, 2005
An amazing Progressive metal band, whom have been going for over 20 years. Not a mainstream band, therefore not very popular or even wellknown to the present public, but kicking ass. Each member proves to be a god at their instrumental talent.
Me - Lo, Do you like Dream Theater?
Person - Dream Who?
Me - Nevermind...
by Rich Seeley iPhoenix August 15, 2005
The best fucking band in the world. Period.
... Forsaken in The Dark Eternal Night with my Endless Sacrifice to a Dance Of Eternity. I will rise Another Day to be In The Presence of Enemies, and then Lie to You Not Me. I' Burning My Soul in Hell's Kitchen while begging In The Name Of God to Just Let Me Breathe and Take Away My Pain. If you try to Pull Me Under, I will Raise The Knife and make you The Root Of All Evil. As I Am like Perfect Strangers to you, I will give you a Goodnight Kiss before you Disappear and get somebody to to see Through My Words .. because It's Only A Matter Of Time before I end up Beyond This Life just like A Fatal Tragedy with a Strange Deja Vu. Take a look at yourself .. in The Mirror. That's Dream Theater.
by loathsome.us August 07, 2007
The best band Ever. Progressive Metal, they have two 24 minute songs (A Change Of Seasons, Octavarium) And one 42 minute song (Second Cd of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence)
Popular Rock bands wish they had the skills of the gods (if they have heard of them) They are so awsome John Petrucci went with G3, each member is highly skilled. I was an atheist, and these guys has caused me to convert to their cult following. Most people cannot begin to fathom how much these guys rock. They could be their own supergroup.
Average Joe: Omg I just bought Senses Fail tickets!

Me: *Bitch Slaps him with an Octavarium CD*

Average Joe: Holy Shit dude. I felt the intense power of that band without even listening to it! I've found the light! Thank you from that terrible fate my comrade!

Me: Not a problem, now lets go and scalp those tickets and get Dream Theater tickets.
by Captain Dream Theater January 21, 2007
A progressive metal band that formed in 1985 by Mike Portnoy, John Myung, and John Petrucci. They combine the heavy sound of such bands as Metallica, Soundgarden and Megadeth combined with the musical complexity of Yes, King Crimson and Emerson Lake and Palmer. Dream Theater's music covers a lot of ground, but fans of the band consistenly enjoy all of their music. Some of their well known albums include Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, Train of Thought, and Octavarium.
Dream Theater is music for people who actually like good music, made within the last 10 years. Not many other bands like that out there.
by tsman445 May 13, 2007
Dream Theater, originating from New York, is to me one of the greatest bands to ever put together a song. After hearing their 23 minute epic "A Change Of Seasons" I suddenly knew what music was about! So many people think that Dream Theater is shit because they have so many long, complex, and serious songs, but you must notice that they listen to Emo, Punk, Goth, Nu metal, and all that other bullshit that makes it to the mainstream by simply consisting of "musicians" wearing make-up and girls' clothing and/or screaming so that the "words" come out as incoherent noises; and if they're not screaming they're "singing" like pussies about how shitty their lives (or aspects thereof) are. GET A FUCKING LIFE. The worst thing about bands like that is the fact that they all claim to be DOING THEIR OWN THING. Yeah right. Those guys are NOT unique in any form. They're all alike and its really kinda sickening. You cant see all of their faces, what you CAN see is covered in make-up or piercings, they have tattoos just to try to look cool, they dont wear much in terms of men's clothing, they have little if any musical talent (especially the singers and guitarists), and they ALL claim to be non-conformists. If that is so, then why are they all alike? Dream Theater, on the other hand (or other side of the universe), are truly unique. They KNOW what they're are doing in the studio and on the stage, they have a true variety of styles and approaches to their craft: true music. Where most bands play bad riffs and worse solos that they cant even play exactly on stage, Dream Theater are capable of playing every riff and solo EXACTLY the way it was written and performed in the studio. And ALL of their shows are at LEAST two and a half hours long, their albums commonly clocking it at over 70 minutes or close. The members of Dream Theater do not dress or act "in style" to become popular in the mainstream or please the audience; the lead vocalist does not scream like that fuck from Slipknot; the music is always written with true talent and feeling, something Emo and Goth bands lack entirely. AND THEY DONT GIVE A SHIT WHAT YOU THINK. Dream Theater is what music is all about. "Metal is our religion, Dream Theater out gods!" And oh yeah, John Petrucci (Dream Theater's guitarist) can out perform any other quitarist, and WIPES HIS ASS with Steve Vai.
EMO kid: I just bought the new MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE and GOOD CHARLOTTE cds!

Good Person: You should get the new Dream Theater CD!

EMO kid: What's Dream Theater? *sniffle*

Good Person: *in one breath* Just the band of Progressive Metal gods that wipe their asses with the likes of My Chemical Romance and all those other so-called "musicians" who always sing about how shitty their lives are and how they want to kill themselves but (unfortunately for us) never do. They're amazing! And you can even see their faces! *big smile*

Emo kid: *about to cry* Oh... I cant take it! I just wanna diiiiie! *runs sobbing home to the computer to whine about his pathetic life on MySpace*

The Albums:
When Dream & Day Unite
Images & Words
Live at the Marquee
A Change of Seasons
Falling Into Infinity
Once In a LIVEtime
Metopolis Pt.2: Scenes from a Memory
Live Scenes from New York
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Train of Thought
Live at Budokan

The DVDs:
Images and Words: Live in Tokyo
Five Years in a LIVEtime
Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York
Live at Budokan
When Dream and Day Re-Unite

Dream Theater is:
James LaBrie = Lead Vocals
John Myung - Bass
John Petrucci - Guitar/vocals
Mike Portnoy - Drums
Jordan Rudess - Keyboards
by "I AM A ROCK GOD!" Jake May 31, 2006