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When your too drunk to reply someone, you just reply them with drank.
"How're you feeling?"
by BrownieTrouble November 03, 2012
19 25
Pour up a 4oz of promethazine with codine the purple in a 20oz sprite. The syrup should act wild when poured in sprite u b leanin. Hailed from Texas
Damn nigga that drank made me Lean n Rock as fuck
by The Lawl child October 31, 2006
116 106
that is when u are messered up and you dont have a clue of what the sam hell your doin
Lou howell
by Lou March 24, 2004
2 9
way black people say the english word "drink"
hey girl, i like that big ass n titties. lemme buy you a drank.
by deezyweezytrainfunk December 17, 2008
150 158
Look for Drink. To refer to a drinkable liquid.
Lemme buy you a drank.
Gimme some of that purple drank.
by Sir Terrence December 03, 2007
30 41
1) Slang for Kool-Aid or powdered Gatorade beverage, usually purple in color, i.e. purple drank 2) Any beverage composed of water and some kind of flavor powder, e.g. hot chocolate (hot drank) or powdered milk (white drank).
"Yo, you got any purple drank?"
"Naw, we fresh out."
by Admiral Hull June 03, 2009
8 25
the feeling you get the next morning when there is still alcohol in your system from the night before.
man i was so drank when i woke up this morning.
by sofakingweetoddit March 13, 2010
5 25