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A person who is only sexually aroused by the most inappropriate people at the most inappropriate time. Thus causing the maximum amount of drama.
"Why is Elliot hitting on me at my bachlorette party."
"He's a dramasexual."
by Enrique Acosta November 23, 2012
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A persin whose primary means of sexual nature i s derivative of that of a dramatic or manipulative standpoint
He wasa great friends with benefits til he began questioning who every guy was on my facebook then I was convincedhe was a total dramasexual
by amanda meow March 18, 2015
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a new definition, like metrosexual, this one refers to men that act like homosexuals but they arnt, they are like fagy drama people
by Mr morley morl May 03, 2005
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A person whose precedenting form of sexual nature is by means of creating drama for attention, and sends mixed messages to manipulate you.
If you have a friends with benefits that is constantly questioning your whereabouts in a manipulating or degrading manner you most likely are dealing with a dramasexual.
by amanda meow March 18, 2015
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