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When someone calls or texts you with a hysterical message, ignores your worried outreach, then expects you to gather from their most recent Status Update that everything is fine, causing a unneeded freak-out.
My bestie texted me that her baby daddy is gay! Now she's tryin' to make up with him on FB. What a fuckin' dramabomb!
by HowISeizeIt February 21, 2013

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a bunch of drama unfolds all at once
all this fighting going on... did someone drop the drama bomb?
by Rachel Or. March 31, 2011
Real life events that cascade over to a video game world that affects multiple people in a raid, guild, or group and causes a huge confusion and drama within said game.
Kara-4 isn't running any more because it got hit by a Drama bomb.
by Sorean June 29, 2007
Refers to a posting on a electronic bulletin board that is generally intended to stir up regular posters to said bulletin board and often may incite a flame.
You'll know it when you read it.
by Gamecock May 13, 2005
Getting /Gkicked while asleep without an prior hearing of it, and when one of the leaders just flat out is a douchebag
Zoq is a dickbag, and caused a drama bomb, by kicking mattys last night
by mattys August 17, 2006