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An individual that inadvertently attracts the following D's: douche bags, ditzy dames, and dark souls. The Drama Magnet is constantly confronted by said individuals and in most cases the Drama Magnet is left with an ever-present look of confusion.
"Ugh, I'm not sure if I want to go to the bar with Claire. Claire is such a drama magnet."
#bitch #drama mama #drama mafia #angsty one #drama llama
by yellowfeva! January 15, 2012
Someone who is constantly involved in & surrounded by drama. Everywhere they go, drama is sure to follow.
Every time Haley goes to a party she gets into a fight, that girl is such a drama magnet!
#drama queen #drama #immature #ghetto #bitch
by Bitch Puh-lease February 27, 2011
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