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An intangible metaphysical substance excreted as a byproduct of negative emotions such as hostility, frustration, jealousy, etc.

Its the cause of the heavy atmosphere you feel in a room/place you have entered where a person or people have just had a heated argument or emotional vent.

Or worse, a room you're in while its happening.

That sticky uncomfortable feeling that makes you squirm during moments like these are caused by direct contact with Drama Jelly.

NOTE: The sensation caused by Drama Jelly is not to be confused with shyness.
Samuel: "Everything was fine when I left to get popcorn. By the time I got back Jared and Lisa had their armrests down and didn't talk for the rest of the movie. The drama jelly was so thick my popcorn got soggy."

Danny: "Dude, wtf is drama jelly?"
by SheerKat July 24, 2011
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