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A word used to describe a group of rude students in a drama class. But doesn't describe anyone in a drama class, only the bitches who think they are better than everyone.
Kurt: The drama bitches in my class act like they are gonna become some famous movie star one day. Thats why they act like such assholes. They think they are better than everybody.

Kate: Yeah, when the only thing they are good at is acting like a bunch of bitches.
#drama #bitch #asshole #drama bitches #dramatic
by kaitkobain January 10, 2011
A person who creates drama unnecessarily to simply draw attention to themselves. Usually comes in the form of a post on a social media site. This person tends to make ignorant comments to put themselves at the center of attention. They are drama's bitch and will do anything to stir up controversy.
"Did you see Ross's post on Facebook?!"
"Yeah, he's such a drama bitch."
#drama #bitch #drama bitch #facebook #ross
by AKunlimited467 October 25, 2014
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