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1. The strongest of the floyds; One who is unmatched in Floyd battle.

2. Slang for spray cheese.
For definition 1:
Donald: "Hey man who do you think will win out of SpyderFloyd and DrakkenFloyd?"

Cory: "That's easy! DrakkenFloyd of course, he's the strongest of the floyds, stronger than GiraffeFloyd and FlamingoFloyd put together. Everyone knows that Donald you fucking idiot, you know what, fuck you, ok? just fuck you."

Donald: "jeez. sorry i asked.. jerk."

For definition 2:
Karen: "can you pass me the DrakkenFloyd please?"

Bob: "get your own damn DrakkenFloyd, you're closer, dumbass."

Karen: "fine, you won't ever see my DrakkenFloyd again, FUCKA!"
by Jonny Snapperbottom December 11, 2008
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