Telling every girl shes the one for you, when in reality you arent even planning to call.
guy A: i draked some club whore last night; what an idiot thinking i would call after i got what i wanted lolol

guy B: lulz
by chunkychunkz September 23, 2011
to be under the influence of alcohal (drunk) and marijuana (baked) simultaneously
dude...i have no idea what my sexuality is right now but you look so fuckin hot because i'm DRAKED as a mofo!
by XCrispyKFC February 05, 2003
A word that has recently started circulating around the streets of Toronto. It means to be intoxicated to the point that your "So Far Gone."
Oh my god, i'm so draked right now! I think i'm gonna puke.
by Born In T.O May 29, 2010
When the female specimen tells that of a male she is the best she has ever had in bed. derived from drizzy drakes smash hit "best i ever had" .
whitten:bro last night i got draked!
mike: no way man, she threw them drake lyrics at ya?
whitten:hells ya, said i was the best she ever had.
by whitten008 April 25, 2010
When a person gets owned. This word would be used for the maximum effect and extent of getting owned.
*Someone loses the game*
"Oooooo, you just got draked!!!!"
by UrbanBuddy123 April 30, 2010
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