Aubrey Drake Graham, drizzy, or Drake. An amazing rapper who has songs like "forever", "I'm on one", "Marvin's Room", and "Headlines". He teamed up with a bunch of other amazing rappers such as Lil Wyane, T-Pain, Nicki Minaj and many more, to form the group Young Money. Anyone who doesn't like his music either doesn't like rap, is completely out of there mind, or has been living under a rock. The only thing that brings Drake down is his starting career on Dagrassi as Jimmy.
Ex: "Dude did you hear that new Drake song?"
"Have you been living under a rock?"
by Sk8rgirl21 October 16, 2011
a man who learns the hard way and never gives up through the years. He will always have a slight smile no matter how pissed he is.
"Aww... Drake was so cute when he got angry"
by diegirl99 February 26, 2009
Guy: I "Drake".
Other Guy: Get off Drake's dick.
Guy: No, "Do right and kill everything."
Other Guy: Oh true.
by Drizzy's pseudonym July 10, 2010
A sweet, caring, funny guy who will care for you with all his heart.
You: Hey Drake!
Drake: Hey! I can't wait to see you tomorrow! <3
You: *Blush*
by DrakeIshAwesome December 18, 2010
The most amazing best friend you could ever have, no doubt. Caring; loving; brilliant; sweet; intuitive; confident; empathetic; determined; sensual; vampiric; physically, emotionally, and mentally strong; kind; mature; selfless; funny; extremely attractive; very musically talented, especially in guitar; an overall beast. If you have a Drake in your life, count your blessings. Don't let go of this amazing person!
Drake is the only person that can put a smile on my face when I'm having the worst day.
by SiobhanVon March 04, 2011
otherwise known as Drizzy Drake
by alexlovesdrake November 12, 2010
the most suave , charming , fine gentlemen you'll ever hear and see .

the greatest musician that performs the bet music your ears can ever hear

greatest ever
i love drake !
by bria_lee July 29, 2010
The nephew of Larry Graham, the genius that created slap bass, who was part of Sly and the Family Stone and Graham Central Station.

It's sad to see that his nephew is a shitty rapper that doesn't do anything innovative like his uncle. Drake is now part of the destruction of music (along with Lil' Wayne, Nikki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and so many more).

This faggot sold himself to pseudo-rap instead of making real hip-hop.

Nice way of destroying genes.
Larry Graham: The OG, who's skillz are over 9000.

Drake: Mothafucka can't rap for shit.
by GamaranGama October 18, 2011

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