Aubrey Drake Graham, drizzy, or Drake. An amazing rapper who has songs like "forever", "I'm on one", "Marvin's Room", and "Headlines". He teamed up with a bunch of other amazing rappers such as Lil Wyane, T-Pain, Nicki Minaj and many more, to form the group Young Money. Anyone who doesn't like his music either doesn't like rap, is completely out of there mind, or has been living under a rock. The only thing that brings Drake down is his starting career on Dagrassi as Jimmy.
Ex: "Dude did you hear that new Drake song?"
"Have you been living under a rock?"
by Sk8rgirl21 October 16, 2011
(DrAik-Roadz):n/adj: Drake is the sweet boy you fall In love with at first sight. Drake is humble, the best hugger, kisser, cuddler.<3 A drake is another word for perfect in name form. A drake is very rare to have occur in your life. He is the kind of guy to make any girl, person even, lucky to be in his presence. Drake is a guy with naturally perfect teeth who's smile; laugh can brighten up a room. If light bulbs were amounted measurements of perfect, a drake would be the sun. A drake has is most commonly known by his very lucky girlfriend.<3
Wow he has a great smile.!
"Yeah.! He must be a drake.!"
by Dr.truth April 28, 2013
Too bad he's with cash money records, he actually has potential/talent. He is what young buck is to G unit, the main attraction hanging out with a bunch of faggots so... metrosexual some?

He used to be on Degrassi High but his character got killed by some nerdy white boy in a murder-suicide.
Drake also tries to sound like Lil' Wayne, we don't need any more of those faggots in this world so he loses points for that :P.
by Raw Doggy May 17, 2010
An unusually large flying dog that will steal all of your bananas every Thursday while you are sleeping. This terrifying creature will not only steal your bananas but punch all your vegetables with his huge, enormous tail. Drakes have invisible noses. Most drakes begin to urinate before they make their attack to steal. Touching a drake will lead to getting lice, fever, and uncontrollable shaking in different parts of your body.

P.S. A Drake is very poisonous and if you see one you need to immediately get in the downward dog position to show him his symbols of mercy and forgiveness.
Arrrrgh! That dumb drake took all my bananas again!
by jgdiyfiyfitct7c7tr7x75c86 May 13, 2016
An emotion much like sadness but with a hind of sadness and thirst.
I went to the club because I was feeling kind of Drake.
by I.C. VAGINA December 06, 2014
From the Drake and Lil Wayne single "Miss Me" D.r.a.k.e. or Drake's name stands for "Do Right, And Kill Everything"
wanna be rapper:whats poppin slime
cohort: just livin, straight d.r.a.k.e., you know!
by cgrant05 February 02, 2012
A loyal , decent and, honest person who screws up from time to time
When Drake walks into a room, the ppl already in it are overwhelmed by curiosity.
by POKEMON.COM August 11, 2015
Drake is an emotion you feel when you think about your ex. You can also feel drake when you drive.
Feeling Drake- very emotional and soft
I can't believe what she did to me. I've been draken' all day and she doesn't even know it.
by Buncha Bandz March 15, 2015
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