Coming from the word drainpipes, are tight tight pants worn by scenesters and emos.
Kyle: Yo dylan wheres your drainers
Dylan: They're my sister's
Kyle: .. Snap
by Kylowned March 29, 2007
Top Definition

A person or thing that for some reason (e.g. for being annoying, a whinger, a loser, or boring, etc.) drains one's energy and general enjoyment of life.
"OMG, I wish Angus would shut up, he's such a drainer."

"Did you go to Stacy's party Saturday night?"
"Yeah, total drainer."

"DRAAAAAAAAAAAINER" (Slow chant to remove offending drainer from giving a speech on some kind of public pedestal)
by Timotheus August 17, 2005
Someone who puts people down by continually offloading their problems into them. They can often masquerade as a friend but their intentions are not friendly.
Dan:...and then he told me he didn't love me. You know, I really feel emotionally tethered to the guy, you know? He just means everything to me and it kills me that-
Nicole: -Shut up Dan, stop being a drainer.
by Words4Lifee May 20, 2014
a person who explores/skates in/sleeps in/travels through underground drains, tunnels or sewers
"did you know john went chroming and graffing in the sewer the other day?"
"yeah, he's a drainer"
by alec lewis June 30, 2007
A word used to decribe Females who arnt worthy of anything more than sex, a girl who you wouldnt consider a relationship with, Someone you only would sleep with and no more!
Dave - "I saw you with that Vicki last night? what happend, you looked pretty cozy together?"

Greg - "Yes mate, done her"

Dave - "You gonna make effort with her and start a reationship?"

Greg - "No way pal, Shes just a drainer !"
by Oh Gav! April 27, 2009
When your with a few mates having a smoke and just jammin, theres always that one person that holds the spliff and CHUUUFFS it down.

This person is the drainer.
Yeah hes just a drainer
by Marcusisadrainer June 07, 2011
1. A person or group of people(Drainers) who deserves scorn

2. An tab in a sink that drains the water
1. We ought to kick that drainer's ass!

2. The drainer didn't work so we called the plumber
by Guy Lombardo February 22, 2005
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