a tough guy who doesn't think about what is said, just does what needs to be done.
Ivan Drago, me, and Drako
by Jason Drago May 02, 2007
Top Definition
1. A man capable of anything.

2. A guy composed of manliness.

3. Persuasive abilities.

4. Awesome
"It would work if you were a Dragos."
by nvira November 16, 2011
To kill your opponent in an exhibition boxing match.

To experience immense amounts of roid rage.
Ivan Dragoed Apollo in a boxing match. Apollo's funeral soon followed.
by Ivan Drago June 29, 2005
Real Definition:

Dragos means: Dragon, or Dragon blooded. The name's origins come from Romania.
"Dragos has the wrath similar to a dragon"
by fianna November 16, 2011
A derogatory term referring to the negative stereotype of any race of people
If you see an Asian person driving bad - "Learn how to drive you stupid drago!"

If you see black gang member accused of killing someone - "Typical drago!"

If you see a lazy drunk Mexican - "That drago needs to get off his ass!"
by Sara Washington May 24, 2010
1. An asshole who is too much of a useless waste of human flesh for you to stand having him around. Could be easily mistaken with a face who got recently slapped with a humid flask penis.

2. A person whose face expression is always the same due to being brutally mentally inadequate.
1. You're such a dragos for saying that!
2. I dont know how you can stand him, he's such a dragos...
by triamcforce September 03, 2015
A Greek person with a very large nose.
That new Greek kid Stavros' nose is huge, what a drago.
by Hidalgo 200 July 17, 2011
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