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verb - Dragooned, Dragoon-ing, Dragoons

verb, transitive:
1. Slang - To take advantage of; cheat
2. Slang - To be taken advantage of; cheated

phrasal verb:
Dragoon around
1. Slang - To act or fool around aimlessly or in a confused way and accomplish nothing
verb, transitive:
1. Well it's about time to go Dragoon the troops.
2. I said I wanted to get posted and then I got Dragooned out of my LDA in Gagetown.

phrasal verb:
1. We were just Dragooning around and didn't learn anything on exercise.
by Joe Dude January 24, 2011
To have your home be ridden over,and reduced to rubble-after being shot to pieces by cavalry troops with magnum caliber revolvers.
After killing all the men of the village,the Royal Regiment then dragooned the women and children with their fierce .44 calibers from horseback.
by mohctep November 21, 2005