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The greatest Zord ever. Can combine with the Mastadon, Sabertooth Tiger, and Triceratops Dinozords to form the MegaDragonZord, AKA Dragonzord battle mode
"It's time for the real Dragonzord power!" - Tommy Oliver
by Go_Green_Ranger April 09, 2004
18 7
When a girl is giving a blowjob, the guy blows in her mouth yelling UHYAH! SEET! UHYAH!! (a la Tommy The Green Ranger), and spins around and delivers back kick to the girl's head knocking her down (i.e. the Tail of the DragonZord).
I pulled out my Dragon Dagger, then delivered the DragonZord!
by teddyc83 January 18, 2010
7 7