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To have a girl give you head, and when your about to cum, and she starts to pull off... grab her head and force her down on your dick making cum come out of her nose. Hard to do but it can happen
I showed jill the dragons breath, and she wont stop smellin giz for a week
by Mattmangold469 March 03, 2004
A potent combination of several common household foodstuffs and spices that causes severe irritation, and occasionally damage, to the eyes, nose, throat and skin when sprayed at somone. A home made pepper spray.
I gave jeanne some dragons breath in case that pitbull nextdoor gets out again.
by Wolf89 December 25, 2005
a shot thats half Bacardi 151 and half Firewater which is lit on fire, then blown out and drank
ha Dragons Breath fucks you up
by D LAS April 04, 2006
when you come in a girl's mouth and before she has a chance to swallow it, you give her a tap on the back of the head or make her laugh so it comes out her nose
Matt got dragon's breath out of Lisa.
by NJL May 13, 2006
a type of ammunition for 12 gauge shotguns.
it shoots incendiary pellets that tear shit apart in flames MWUAHAHAHAHA
"yo I put some dragons breath inside a nazi today"
"did he scream like a girl?"
"no it was a zombie : "
by SikoDragy July 24, 2011
When a man is about to preform oral sexual pleasures on a woman, then out of nowhere that woman releases a quief or vaginal flatulance into the males face spraying him with hott air that reakes of sulfure and some what feels like a dragons breath.
i gave tom the worst case of dragons breath last night.said flo.
by SIR DIRTY SANCHEZ February 28, 2005
The act of snorting pills/drugs and exhaling afterwards causing a powdery mist/smoke into the air
Man: bro you wanna snort this Percocet?

Friend: Hell yeah! Here comes the dragons breath!

I was doing blow with this hooker and totally dragons breathe(d) in her face
by MartyBark July 13, 2016
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