One who dislikes the band Dragonforce. This could be for many different reasons.

1. They just don't enjoy the music.
2. They hate the fact that there are several unintelligent people that think they are the greatest band ever.
3. They heard a rumor that they speed up their songs and blindly believe it.
4. They dislike all mainstream music.
5. They think it sounds too much like video game metal.
6. Their friends dislike the band and they are merely trying to fit it.
7. They think that their only famous because of Guitar Hero 3. (Not gonna lie, that IS where they got alot of their popularity from.)
There could be several more reasons.

Said hater could be arrogant or passive about their dislike. Most arrogant haters will verbally attack Dragonforce fans saying that they listen to crap music.
1. Me: Yeah, that Dragonforce concert was pretty awesome last night. Lotta misled kids there who think their the best though.

Passive Dragonforce Hater: I don't really care for that band. But I'm glad you had fun. Wanna go see Trivium next month?

Me: YES!

Both high-five.

2. Me: Yeah, that Dragonforce concert was pretty awesome last night. Lotta misled ki...

Arrogant Dragonforce Hater: *interupts* Oh my god, you like Dragonforce? You know they speed up their songs and can't play good live right? Your such a faggot. Go listen to some real metal like Killswitch Engage or Dream Theater.

Me: Um...I actually like both of those bands.

Arrogant Dragonforce hater: Oh....well Dragonforce still sucks the big hairy "I'm only famous because of guitar hero" penis.
by scorpion6274 October 08, 2009
Top Definition
Someone who happens to dislike the Power Metal band Dragonforce.
Kid A: Hey what'd you do last night?
Kid B: Oh, I went to a Dragonforce concert. They were pretty dec-
Kid A: OH! MY! GOD! You like Dragonforce, that is so gay! You know they only became famous due to Guitar Hero?
Kid B: Well, yes but-
Kid A: They only have one song you know?!
Kid B: What about Fury of the Storm or Operation ground and p-
Kid A: You know they speed up their songs?!
Kid B: You don't have any proof of that. You probably just read it on the internet.
Kid A: THAT DOESN"T MATTER, THEY'RE STILL GAY! DRAGONFORCE ARE FAGS! *Screams then convulses on the ground*
Kid B:........Are you alright? Dude? Dragonforce hater?
by D@90E M^$T@7NE April 10, 2010
Someone who hates the band Dragonforce. These people are small minded idiots and should be bricked on sight.
Dragonforce hater: Hi, I hate Dragonforce.
Dragonforce fan: *takes out brick* I'll show ye...
by Stuuuuuuuuuart September 04, 2006
Someone who actually has enough of a brain to realize that Dragonforce is the metal version of dog shit. They also realize that Dragonforce relies 99% on fast playing, and 1% on melody. Normally, the people that hate Dragonforce listento GOOD metal bands like Iron Maiden, and realize that making music isn't about jacking off your ego in front of a crowd by playing 75,000 notes per second.
Dragonforce Fan: Dude, Dragonforce is like the best band ever! If you don't think so, you're emo, or gay!

Real Metal Head (Dragonforce Hater): Fuck off, retard.
by Ryan Commeans November 04, 2006
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