1. A series based around 7 magical balls and follows the main character Goku through many years of his life. Alongside Goku are his friends. They're also called "Z-Fighters". It was that got many people into Anime for the first time. A lot of Animes are based of DragonBall. At first there was DragonBall, then DragonBall Z, and last was DragonBall GT.

DragonBall was, according to popular belief, the most exciting. It began with Goku as a small and "vinsible" child. The main characters weren't overpowered, so there were more obsticles in the heroes way.

At the start of DragonBall Z, our hero Goku grew up and had a family. However, the heroes became "over powered" and things started to get boring and repeatitive, consisting of:
* A bad shows up to destroy the planet.
* Goku's friends get their asses handed to them.
* Goku or some of his stronger friends show up and get their asses handed to them and say something like "'tis guy = tuff".
* Picollo stands there and says "im-im-im-im-impossible" with his thumb in his ass.
* Goku's friends distract the bad guy while Goku charges up his most powerfull attack and destroys the bad guy.

The "Z" is believed to mean Zero.

By the end of DBZ, the fans were tired of the same old thing again and again in DragonBall Z and wanted to see Goku like he was in the good old days; as in not "god-like". The directors decided to have a jackass villian from Goku's childhood in DragonBall accidentally wish Goku back into a kid again.
The show becomes more fun to watch in the beginning but soon the Z-Fighters become over powered again. This time the only real fighters are Goku and his rival Vegeta.

The fans and American censorship are most to blame for making the show look like shit.
Most of the fans consist of 12-year-olds with ADHD that always make AMVs on Youtube or spam the forums with quotes from the show like "KAAAAA MEEEE HAAAA MEEEE HAAAAAGH!!!!!" as their basic line of defense against any insult from a more evolved being. When they're not doing that, they're on MMO games making copyright characters from the show and try to act like bad asses.
* Censorship is the most to blame. By taking out all the gore, bad words and crude humor that the true fans fell in love with, it looked like a kids show. Kids got into the show more and made a mockery of it.

There's sometimes arguements on whether the series is overrated or underrated.

2. A magical ball with a specific number of stars inside. When they're all gathered together you say a password that unleashes a huge dragon named Shenron, or Purunga, depending on whether the balls are from Earth or Namek.
1. DB fan: OMFG I'm teh gOKu and I pwn all YOOH!
Good DB fan: You're making DragonBall look bad. Gtfo n00b.

2. Goku: Shenron! gtfo teh balls!

Shenron: sup?

Goku: sup witchu?

Shenron: i was chillin' wachin' Home Improvement wit mah mumz. wtf is ur wishez?

Goku: i blue ^ teh Earf 2x n need u 2 bring eet back 2 lyfe.

Shenron: ur ghey 4 not wishing 4 teh moneez 'n bichez. wishez =/= n00bz.

Goku: wtf?
by ErnestoTheTrippyOne March 24, 2008
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To describe a boring, tedious task (verb, noun).
How is your day going at Orange Julius?
It's Dragonballs.
by jools6654 July 10, 2008
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1) A Japanese series revolving around the collection of 7 tattooed dragon nutsacks in exchange for a wish.

2)Balls in general, when 'dragon' becomes an innuendo for penis.
by HerTurtleHighness October 23, 2015
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A Dragon Ball is the act of having someone give you a blowjob, then when you blow a load in their mouth you clamp your hand over the person's lips and tickle them until sperm shoots out their nose.

Once accomplished, "DRAGON BAAAAAALL!" should be shouted loudly.
Dragon Ball

by Hellbunnie November 17, 2008
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a cum shot from a dude with the clap

ie. spittin fire
"dude, i heard tanya fucked mitch last night?"
"oh yeah, she got a taste of his dragon balls."
by paul ohara February 24, 2008
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A bunch of cartton charactors doing the equivalent of flashing torches at one another, then talking for fiveteen minutes about how noble it is to use torches instead of fighting. Then they pretend to punch eachother for five minutes before they start to use powerful torches while shouting out "kamayhamayha" or some japanese shit.
Dragonball is a fun way for flashlight enthusiasts to burn half an hour.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 29, 2004
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It's kinda like blue balls exept much worse.If the person with dragon balls does not get laid his testicals will explode.
Larry:Sarah I think I'm getting dragon balls for you!

Sarah:Oh really will you give me something if you get all of them?

Larry:I already have all of them now get in bed!
by Henry Mcdoogle June 06, 2010
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