(The highly under-rated, and extremely rarely seen original Japanese version) A cool show.

(English version) A pile of shit. 90% (and that's like, millions) of people who are Dragonball fans suck. People see this childish, lame, poor, raped version automatically think the whole show sucks, thus, so many anti-DB people. And since these people are quick-to-judge, small-minded and ignorant, they judge something they have never seen and know nothing about on a completely different version (the English version).
Ever since the release of Dragonball Z in America, I've felt shamed.
by Name March 21, 2003
A highly popular anime on Toonami, but is considered over rated by true anime fans(Otakus).
Otaku:FLCL, Evangelion, and Ranma are some of the best animes
DBZ Fan:You didn't mention DBZ in there you idiot!
Otaku:Start running bitch!
by Tubby October 14, 2003
First of all, you people need ot stop stretching the page.

Second of all, this is another anime responsible for the world's extreme hatred towards anime fans and anime itself, along with Pokémon and Sailor Moon.
Stupid overmerchandising of Dragon Ballz (get it? Dragon Ball Z? Dragon Ballz?!) and DBZ otakus are the reason why I can't bring up anime without getting anti-anime remarks.
by dj gs68 August 23, 2003
1. "Anime" or so called TV show that first aired in Japan, Dragon Ball Z is a show watched by youth. Dragon Ball Z is, without a doubt, horribly un-entertaining, violent, and just plain stupid. Many typical children still watch this "Tv Show", which I would find those children mentally retarded, unless they we're young.
by Light June 09, 2003
A boring show watched by kids. IF watched by anyhone older, there IS something fucking wrong with you. Battles that drag on for 40 + episodes to see the bad guy finally get beaten gets old when every bad guy that HAS to be beaten is always 40 + episodes. The story gets too boring to care, and in the end when they DO fight, its just poor repeated scenes in which the characters engage in some blinding flashes of light. The flashes of light indicate that they are fighting I guess, because nothing else ever seems to happen in the show anyway. Real popular, and real homosexual.
Go watch something better

Full Metal Panic
Full Metal Alchemist

Fuck, anything is better than DB
by Ownage February 25, 2005
A somewhat popular Anime that was made in the 90s. In short, it's a lot of people with gold spiky hair, explosions, and weird dumbasses who ALWAYS wear karate outfits. Usually the funniest thing in the world is when people dress up as the characters and go to the "Anime Conventions". Wow, YOU'RE cool. Sure, come on over.

Episodes basically go "YAH! I'll attack you now! OH MY GOD HOW DID YOU BLOCK MY UNSTOPPABLE ATTACK?!"
"Well I'll defeat you, I've got to! It's the only way to stop you and to save the world!!!! I have to get all the dragonballs back!! KAAAAA MEEEEEE HAAAAAA MEEEEEE HAAAAAA MEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!"

blah blah waffle.
Person 1: Did you see DBZ last night??
Person 2: No, I don't watch Dragon Ball Z
Person 1: Well you missed a good episode!!! This one guy went to this planet and blew up the bad guy!!
Person 2: And this doesn't happen in which episode?
Person 1: Speaking of which, I'm going to the Anime convention this weekend, wanna go??
Person 2: *smack* fag.
by Hextacy October 04, 2006
A gay show viewed only by those whose IQ exceeds their weight.
I know this 110-lb nerd who watches DBZ.
Oops...i referred to it as DBZ!! Hope I'm not turning into a nerd.
by Anonymous July 31, 2003

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