An extreme state of tiredness. In other words, you are "dragging balls."
"When Andy comes home from work he is usually DragonBallZ."
by SuperMammal February 24, 2005
Also Known As Seizure
Wow, I yelled at that one retarded kid in the wheelchair and I gave him a Dragonball Z.
by Mat Brooks October 19, 2004
The show that is almost every American's initial exposure to anime. Has a bad rap for its long 50-episode-battles to save the universe. The plot moves forward at a snail's pace, as opposed to Dragonball and GT.
Bad guy gets stronger, good guy says ouch. Then good guy gets stronger, bad guy says ouch. Repeat 20-30 episodes.
by The Rob December 16, 2003
1) one of the most popular animes ever created
2) possibly the most over-rated anime ever created
3) an anime that isn't as good as people make it out to be, whether it be dubbed or subbed
4) a show that has been replayed to death
5) an okay anime but nowhere near as good as Rurouni Kenshin or Cowboy Bebop
If I see the frickin' Buu Saga one more time I'm going to crack.
by Eddy October 21, 2003
Words used to describe a repetative and old thing/action/place
Damn, mofo! Stop saying you killed someone! You Dragonball Z'd those words man!
by A2P December 04, 2004
Just to clairfy something-I've seen DBZ, I admit, in English.

The first season, where they fight Freeza is good. Then, due to it's popularity, they made about a thousand other episodes. (that were crap) Past the part with the Androids, it just got annoying.

The story is based around the characters of Goku, Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Bulma, Vegeta, Trunks, ChiChi, Gotenks, Goten, Videl, exc...there are a lot. They generally beat up the baddies and are the good guys. It's a fighting show.
The over use of fighting with no main theme made DBZ annoying after the first two or so seasons.
by 009 January 04, 2005
a lame show that I watched when I was 9. Its about some guy named goku who spends about 60 episode let me repeat that 60 EPISODES fighting a bad guy. Worse yet the fights are garbage and the show is always doing one of these things.
1) characters staring at awe at someones power
2) powering up
3) fighting in poorly drawn fights
4) having about 30 seconds of plot progress per episode
5) showing every characters reaction to something no matter how insignificant they are. ex- Chi-chi fainting all the goodamn time while watchting the fight through a crystal ball.
6) grunting.
trust me watch better anime heres 4 betters ones
1) cowboy bebop
2) Trigun
3) Neon Genesis Evangelion
4) Slayers
by GOOD GOD what a crap show December 02, 2003

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