When you're Fucking a girl and about to finish you serpentine drag your balls up her torso and kame ha me ha wave your seed into her mouth
"so I was knee deep in this senorita and my power level was at 9000 so I Dragonball zd my way to her mouth"
by btmasterflash December 05, 2013
A person with manga-style looking hair, that is, spiky hair that has alot of gel or product in it
'Mate, your hair is lookin bare dragonballz today'
by the ring master April 20, 2010
The name given to the very rare instance that happens when a male and a female ejaculate simultaneously into each others projectiles, sending mixed ejaculates around the room. The name "Dragonball Z" gets it's roots from the often occurrence of two energy beams being launched, from two beings, clashing together in air causing a reverse tug-of-war battle between the two.
Last night, after failing countless times before hand, me and my bitch finally nailed the Dragonball Z.
by Drock525 October 02, 2009
Better than reading about guys who run around in tights, or watching D class imitations of japanese catoons made by white boys who couldn't hack it in japan
Dragon Ball Z was a great series, but not really accessible to young children over here because there is no enslaving of animals into iddy biddy living spaces, or guns with lots of explosions.
by GI Joe sucks donkey ass September 07, 2003
Now im assuming you know the basics of this show, so im countering hate definitions with a few simple facts.
1:if you hate most anime/maga, thats fine.no need to crudely define a show and waste your time when you could be doing something you like. if you do hate japanese cartoons, this aint for you.
2:I will admit, this show is overly complicated, and filled with filler(crap made to prolong a series, until good shit is written to follow after it.)simply skip it if you dont like filler. All those overly charged attacks, the twenty episode scream marathons....are filler. Okay?
3:The plot is confusing as hell, unless you tune in from episode 1, to episode 300. most is filler. but dont hate on its length. most shows like south park, the simpsons, and a few others run longer. watch what you like, and stop watching at whatever season you hate. For me, it was the buu saga.but i dont bitch about it because its an opinion.
4:the audience age range does vary greatly. this show has been broadcasted from over the top blood and guts violence, to little scratches with no blood. if you make fun of its audience, please dont forget us "old geeks"
Guy 1: hey man, dragon ball z sucks cause it has long attacks that last forever, a repetitive story, it makes no sense, and my shows are way better. its a little kid show.
Guy 2:filler,most of us fans started watching when we were kids, and moved on to violent cuts today, most storylines are repetitive, life, fight, betrayal, death, fuck off.
Guy 1: wtf, im going on Urban dictionary to post a hate post, cuz YOU have no life.
GUy 2:go ahead waste your time.
by I am Nerd, hear me roar April 05, 2011
you gotta drag your balls untill u can't take the pain no more OUCH!
now i know why they are collecting the dragons balls
by TYLER October 29, 2003
Dragon Ball Z (also known as DBZ or just simply DragonBallz), is a show about a bunch of battle-hardened, 'roid enraged, angry, and constipated super-apes who spend 28 minutes of each episode telling each other about how they're going to kick each others' asses and then spend the other 2 minutes yelling in constipation. Their power is stored in their ballz, which they all stole from dragons because they had none of their own. They have to drag these Dragon Balls around with them, thus they are Draggin' Balls. Hence the name of the show. It is like anime crack. Almost all serious otaku started by watching DBZ and moved onto other shows to try to fill the sorry fact that most of them have no life. Five countries have banned the series because they feared that the economy would collapse if they allowed this into their nations. Most economic problems can be traced to the addition of this show to the regular TV line up in countries where it appears. The show bears more than a passing resemblance to professional wrestling.

Technically Dragon Ball Z was preceeded by Dragon Ball but, although the show is much funnier and contains more pedophilia and lecherous old man jokes, no one watches it. Nor do they watch the DBZ sequel series Dragon Ball GT, a show no one even knows what it was about. They cant even watch Dragonball AF, mainly because it doesn't fucking exist

When watching Dragon Ball Z under the influence of drugs, it is said that any mortal recognizes how crappy it actually is, since especially Cannabis makes DBZ resemble a fucked-up project by Czechoslovakian Art-Students from the 80's which it actually is.
Dragonball Z, just to fucking Ghey!
by Anonymous-1 March 31, 2008

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