A gay show made in Japan, but edited in America. Everyone grunts constantly, and has extremely large hair. Usually watched by nerds, losers, and people with no friends. Trust me, it's not worth a half-hour of your life watching this show.
Dragon Ball Z is gay.
by Kyle May 17, 2004
A show that spazes out 99% of its material because faggots like you watch it. And your and you're are two words. For example:

You're all assholes because your grammar sucks.


You watch DBZ.
Q: "How many DBZ characters does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

A: "One, but it takes about 5 episodes!"
by groanie nigger April 14, 2005
A big craze a while back but now is revealed by many people with those having a decent or great social and mental intellectuallity DBZ (abbreviation for Dragonball Z) is a lame excuse for an Anime, even more than Pokemon but nothing nearly as lame as Yu-Gi-Oh, and has nothing but pointlessness. The show revolves mainly around an alien humanoid man named Goku, who belongs to a race of space pirate wannabes who are in actuallity have an IQ ranking that of an average cave man and have nothing better to do than fight to a very pointless death and serve under anyone stronger than themselves becausde they are too stupid to think of a strategy to outsmart others. Anyways the story revolves entirely around the plot stealing Goku who fights these evil aliens that try to attack "Earth" (but in actuallity the real Earth is much smarter and would have noted an incoming alien and tooken to Area 51 before the Z-Fighters noticed) that have no real motive but show off their invincibility, destroy Earth with no real purpose, or collect the Dragonballs (or also known as Dragon Testicles) with no real motives but be stronger (how much stronger does a person want to be?). The villains are always invincible and all the Z-Fighters die all the time from these fights because they have one single approach, which is fight, fight, and just FIGHT (plus these fighting scenes are pretty crappy because they overuse the same scenes and show no real strategy in chicken scratched animation). After killing the villain in the most predictable way, which is blow 'em up, they have to encounter a new invincible villain with no real motive and the Z-Fighters must fight and die once again to blow him up like before, then after that it repeats exactly the same as before (the classic yet boring rinse and repeat strategy).

1) The show's progress is VERY VERY slow, leaving the turtle in a blur of speed. It takes over 10 thirty minute episodes to finish a fight just to end up fighting again. It also leaves only 30 to one minute worth of progress for each episode. Events hat take only a few minutes take many episodes to show.

2)The animation is pure crap and makes chicken scratch and quick sketches look like a work of art.

3)The characters are slow minded.

4)The Z-Fightres have no real strategy when it comes to dealing with the villains. It's about "who is the strongest" despite all the options in the Universe.

5)The creators of DBZ are running out of power, speed, and technique ideas.

6)The Z-Fighters aren't as tough as they claim to be, plus they are lousy heroes despite their "great power".

7)Many time delays are in the show.

8)The characters are very very similar to each other.

9)Any Anime other than Yu-Gi-Oh is better than this one.

10)Dragonballs are very dangerous other than its wishing properties.
1) It took around 15 episodes for Goku to defeat Frieza (in the most predictable way) in a fight that was said to have lasted only 5 minutes. After that a one minute progress was shown and then back to fighting like brutish animals. Alos one time the Z-Fighters had 4 minutes to get off the planet but it took fucking 10 episodes to show that progress.
EX: "Oh no! Get off the planet before it explodes! You have 4 minutes! (10 episodes later as the fighters try to think and get off the planet in super slow motion) Too late! The planet is about to blow up now!

2)The animators of DBZ are masters or crappy animation using the 60's Anime animation in an early 90's Anime!
EX: "Oh shit! We won the kindergarten award for best special eds art!"

3)The governments on "Earth" in DBZ don't seem to care for their citizens and have low techs that allow the bad guys to easily bypass their notice and attack the same way as the Z-Fighters do, which is leaving yourself opened as you attack the enemy like an enemy but a military version. Area 51 has ways of defeating those villains. MOST of the Z-Fighters don't appear to attend school and don't ahve any concerns for a real job or education. The Z-Fighters always fight to win and think of no other way to win.
EX: Short bald faggot: Hey, Goku! A "real" scientist from another Anime who outranks everyone in intelligence in our dumb Universe has designed a disease that can kill Cell!

Goku: Nah, I prefer to fight. I don't even know what a disease is and that's why I fight, even if I die for the 1,000th time.

4) Goku and the Z-Fighters always fight the villain despite threats of death and all martial arts and special abilities mean nothing in DBZ. Even speed advantages mean nothing because you have to be the strongest to win. DBZ is a muscle head show. Instead of fighting the villain allow a disease to combat them for you or teleport them in a teleportation chamber to the nearest black hole or to the sun. Also manipulate the villains mind in certain ways to deceive them to their deaths. The Z-Fighters appear to fight fair even in a life and death situation and never seem to jump the villain in groups.

5)No matter how far in DBZ they get and no matter how much their so-called power raises they seem to always have the same ability, which is use all your power to destroy one fucking planet. Not any higher (because if they did got any stronger then they could destroy stars and galaxies with a wet fart). The explosions and destruction get no more spectacular and their speeds always seem to remain the same, which is disappearing to another area so the viewers cannot see them fighting (I think I actually want to see them fighting). The fighting techniques never look any different than punches, kicks, and tackles of the same type. They're not real martial artists. They also don't use their techniques to their advantage.
EX: Street fighting gangsters have more fighting techniques.

6)Get struck by a city destroying energy blast and their fine and when a rock or superfast punch hist their face they get stunned from it. When a planet destroying blast hist them they only suffer a scratch but when the planet blows up they incinerate. They also get no stronger than destroying an entire planet. They also are bad heroes by letting the villain destroy the planet and wish the planet back with the Dragonballs, thus "saving the world". Ha, please!
EX: Goku: I can destroy an entire planet with full power so I am the strongest.

Pink Puddy Bad Guy: I can destroy an entire planet to the same way so I am much stronger than you.

(Don't you see? They have the same power but one claims to be stronger.)

Ex: "Oh no!!! The planet has been destroyed for the 10th time! I wish I did something instead of watching him destroy it when I had the chance."

7: All DBZ spends most of the time in the plot is talking and lamely taunting each other, charge up like old men with constipation problems while they grunt out the shit using steroids to help (Senzu Beans), use repetitive fighting scenes, grunt and scream, and show progress at a snail's rate.

8) Most of the characters of DBZ consist of sweating men with overbuffed bodies due to excessive use of steroids and fight like cave men to the death. They all have constpation problems. Thanks for the new laxitate called Dragonball Z. Most of the females are slutty and not-so-attractice women who have sex with dumb men and complain for the smallest reasons.

9)Any Anime besides Yu-Gi-Oh is better to watch. Here are examples:
-Full Metal Alchemist
-Cowboy Bebop
-Gundam Seed

10)Dragon balls are actually testicles of a neutered male dragon with Z tatoos posted on them from a dragon god who has seven testicles that have magical wishing properties.

EX: "Leave those dragon balls alone. They have the ability to grant you a wish but their magical properties can give you herpes 10 times greater than the average HIV.
by Naota Nandaba June 22, 2005
A show that repeats the same barely-existing storyline over and over again. People with the power to destroy a planet with a finger get hurt by a rock hitting them in the face, but a super-punch to the face and they're fine. A masterpiece of grunting and pointless 30-episode fights.
Whenever I see someone wearing a DragonBall Z T-shirt, I want to kick their teeth in.
by Pickleton August 29, 2003
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