1. popular japaneese cartoon featuring poorly drawn characters that cannot be distinguished from each other, poor voicing, and battles between good and evil forces that can take dozens of episodes before completed. Episodes consist mostly of staredowns and vein-pumping of opposing fighters and brief moments of shooting lasers from palms and lightning punching & kicking. The show is also complete with repeated grunts, groans, and constipation noises that make you think theres an outhosue next to your TV
Dragon Ball Z is a terrible excuse for a cartoon
by Squishmanchu February 26, 2006
Term given for the anime Dragon BallZ due to the show's lack of content for long periods of time during fight scenes as a way to let the manga storyline catch up with the TV show.
Why they call it Drag On Ball Z.

Frieza: Talk Talk Talk Talk worthless Saiyan blah blah blah

Goku's on his third episode of charging the spirit bomb. And finally throws it.


Goku: Fuck! I missed!

Then the talking commences once more.
by Ricky Roo September 09, 2006
A popular anime' series that made japanese animation mainstream in the west. Dragonball Z introduces interesting characters with depth often driven by emotion to the limit. The story is more complicated then it first appears and would not be totally understood by younger viewers. Through the most part the series follows the main hero Goku, his family and friends who end up often becoming the underdog in the battle against a greater evil driven power. Which is always satisfying to behold when good finally is trumphiant.
Dragonball Z is amazing.
by Daniel Carvalho June 13, 2004
A great & simple TV show that'll make the average person laugh, smile, cry, and get goosebumps. It's a show where the good guys fail at first, but in the end, ALWAYS beat the bad guys. It's also a show that pisses off people who don't know how to appreciate a simple show that makes lots of people feel good, forget their problems, and believe that good can overcome evil.
Dragon Ball Z
by Freeza-Sama December 17, 2010
one of the best mangas ever to make it in america!! notice i said manga becuase the anime cartoon was alright.. It follows the series known as Dragon Ball created by Akira Toryama a popular manga artist living in Japan..

Dragon Ball Z like most manga/anime is hated by boring people usually Americans who have no imagination or creativity..these americans usually dont read..act or think they are "GROWN MEN" or GROWN UP becuase they are past the age of 18...they stress themselves out over their minimum wage job everyday because thats their future(see SQUARE or NO LIFE)
Dragon ball Z has the BUU saga

Dragon ball z is know as just Dragon Ball in Japan.
by usakindaguy3444 September 22, 2006
a great show that is horribly overrated and thus is loved by geeks nerds and small children evrywhere, giving it a very bad reputation amongst other people, when in reality, its a pretty allright show.
"i was watching draqgon ball z and it was awesome"
by jim May 07, 2005
An anime sequel to the hit series Dragonball by Akira Toriyama about Goku, an alien from the saiyan planet, and his new son fighting the newest threats to the planet earth.
Dragonball Z changed the way we watch anime.
by Ninja337 August 21, 2006
A show that people really like to criticize and say the dudes look constipated yet they can name every character and their special techniques and how the bad guys were killed...
guy1: did you see how majin buu killed vegeta in dragonball z?
guy2: majin buu didnt kill vegeta! goku killed majin buu with his spirit bomb after vegeta told the namek guy to bring everyone back to life with the dragonballs... anyways why do you watch that show? the characters look like they are about to drop a duece...
by thatcrazysandnigga July 10, 2008
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