1. popular japaneese cartoon featuring poorly drawn characters that cannot be distinguished from each other, poor voicing, and battles between good and evil forces that can take dozens of episodes before completed. Episodes consist mostly of staredowns and vein-pumping of opposing fighters and brief moments of shooting lasers from palms and lightning punching & kicking. The show is also complete with repeated grunts, groans, and constipation noises that make you think theres an outhosue next to your TV
Dragon Ball Z is a terrible excuse for a cartoon
by Squishmanchu February 26, 2006
Extremely popular manga and anime show, somewhat despised by some american (and japansese) audience, yet still very popular worldwide. The series is the later half of the manga and anime series Dragon Ball. It revolved around Son Goku and his sons/allies in many battles to save earth/the galaxy/the universe. It rose to popularity from cartoon networks largely edited adaptation in the early 2000s. Some people criticize it because of the anime's large amounts of filler, which would slow down the pace of the series dramatically. However, the manga was extremely concise. in fact, 3 anime episodes were sometimes adapted from a single manga issue. Many critics do not understand this, resulting in large amounts of criticizm and hatred. In America it became the first taste of Anime for some people, and therefore can be considered a groundbreaking anime here.
Dragon Ball Z is hated by some people, however, many gripes about the series are superfluous in the face of a well made series.
by thegreatmonkey October 22, 2005
A japanese animation that is a plague for most otaku out there because of its overwelming popularity in the younger age groups.

These preteens cannot type their insults toward possible DBZ-haters properly without adding random misspelled cusswords when trying to defend how a fighting anime can run for about fifty episodes before someone enrages themselves with power so much that it's surprising that someone doesn't explode from their muscles overtaking their head.
"Oh my god the veins on that guy! He must be on steriods...and...drugs from flying around when he's...glowy? What the hell is this show?"

(end this episode)
(start next episode)
(end this episode)
(start next episode)
(end this episode)
(start next episode)
(end this episode)
(start next episode)
HAAAAAA---oh shit he's coming before I can pop off this attack! Wait until the last minute before sending it off...!
(end this episode)
(start next episode)
(end this episode)
(start next episode)
(end this episode)
(start next episode
by Devious79 May 09, 2005
A popular anime worldwide. The series following Dragonball (or part of the manga with the same name), and preceding Dragonball GT.
Did you see the episode of Dragonball Z where Gohan killed Cell?
by Mystery Man January 28, 2003
a very good anime show, but dubbed and edited for cartoon network in america, i say it should get its own network, and only be translated, not edited!!!!!!
by Adam September 17, 2003
a fairly good anime show which most people only see one single episode of it, where it's in the middle of a long story, so people don't understand it a single bit, and don't seem to understand what the hell is going on. So like all idiots of our time, they resort to hating it and calling it gay. Becuase their vocabulary is so utterly tiny they can't raise themselves to a higher level of intellect. Although I'll admit, I like GT a bit better But still a good show all the same.
Usually given a bad name by people who call it gay because they've only seen the show once, or special ED kids who run around school all day saying "Ka-meh-ha-meh-HA!" and flapping their arms around.
by Nan Thoral May 19, 2004
A show where people fly around shooting
energy blasts at eachother. In other words kick ass show!
by joe April 16, 2003
a good show that keeps on making new parts and the good guys always win
if we do not watch dbz i will kill you
by Jackass Mcjackasse January 09, 2005

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