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Dragon Rider(s) appear in Christopher Paolini's series of fantasy novels, the Inheritance Cycle.

Dragon Riders are humans or elves chosen by unhatched dragons as their Rider, forming an immensely powerful and unbreakable mental bond between the dragon and their human/elf. Often, they communicate telepathically between each other and as their bond grows stronger with time, their souls and minds become so synchronised they are almost a single being - thinking and acting in accordance to the other's thoughts.

This bond with their dragons resulted in Riders to gain the ability to use magic. This is done by uttering several words of an 'ancient language', and using one's energy to feed the magic's power.

In the book series, the main character (Eragon) and the main antagonist (King Galbatorix) are the only remaining Dragon Riders (to tell you anymore would mean spoilers).
Eragon is the only remaining Dragon Rider alive to defeat King Galbatorix.
by Tenyume Kasumi September 07, 2011
A person, or persons, who prefer to wear trip pants, leg warmers, dark colored clothes, and really baggy shirts.
Jared: Dude, look at those dragon riders
Joseph: I know man, they are gonna try to mosh in the pit
Jared: its okay, they are gonna trip and fall on there trip pants.
by JabberJaw-Joseph September 28, 2009
Nasty, stanky, and very disturbed individual that wears trip pants and worships satan and everything else that lurks in the shadows. An elite group in the Louisiana/Texas area are hunters of these nasty beings.
"Fuckin dragonrider lurking in the shadows."
by SumF@G February 02, 2010
One who rides a lawn mower instead of driving a car
Theres a kid in town that is a Dragon-Rider, he doesnt drive a car but does drive his mower
by one who rides December 10, 2007
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