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To have breath that of which smells as if one has licked the butthole of a dead skunk for several hundred years.
Oh my god, have you smelled Alex's Dragon Breath... there aren't enough packs of gum on earth to help that!
by dakodiak January 04, 2009
Foul smelling breath that has the power to knock you over, render you unconscious, or worse.
That cigarette smoker has real dragonbreath!
by ScottX December 15, 2006
really bad bad breath
I would date her, but she's got dragon breath.
by j February 14, 2005
Your managers breath is so horrible you begin to think he eats his dog's ass before coming into work
Manager: I have been trying to eat more @$$ as well, hence my wicked dragon breath. I like to say I put the "ass" in associate.

Associate: Damn Saul your making me sick with that breath of yours
by ha-jew January 08, 2010
The act of inhaling a fart for the purpose of blowing it in someones face, or transporting the fart smell into another room so others not in the immediate area may enjoy.
1. Scott inhaled his fart and blew his rancid Dragon Breath right into my face.

2. Upon smelling my disgusting fart, Scott deemed it necessary to inhale it and transport the smell down the hall and blow his Dragon Breath into Marc's face so he could savor it.
by The Room Ruiner January 20, 2011
when a person accidentally swallows a hit while smoking,
then burps up smoke later.
#1 burps up smoke
#2 "what the hell was that bro"
#1 "sorry bro, i swallowed my hit, i just got dragon breath"

by The FoxXX! October 17, 2008
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