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1. When your have your balls hanging out of your pants when your all by yourself and the heat dries them up like grapes.

2. When your banging a really tight chick and she's really dry so your balls aren't getting any Poonani Juice so they dry up.

Almost as if your scrotum has scales.
Oh Bro...last night's heat wave was crazy malicious..I got the wicked case of Dragon Scrotum

Dude Angela Jolie is hot...but I've hit that and every guy she gets it on with gets Dragon Scrotum

How would you know?

Dude trust me...I'm Brad Pitt!
by xXsc00psXx December 24, 2008
The World's most amazing band, next to Gwar. Known for there outlandish live show and relatively decent music.
Holy shit, Dragon Scrotum rocked my scrotum off.
by Little Scrotumite July 22, 2008
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