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A word to describe a person who is slow, or lame.
you are a god damn drage!
by dareno July 24, 2008
The process by which intense partying, otherwise know as raging, is carried out during daytime hours.
We were going to begin partying at 8PM, but we decided to drage at 1PM instead.
by thatcollegegirl October 02, 2011
asshole with no skill in 3s
god you're so scrubby you play like a drage
by True_Tech April 21, 2005
Dickhead rage,

When you're angry in such a way that any response to a question makes you sound like a dick head.
Tim: Who's Josh?
Bob: GOD! The president of some fucking country! Who'd you think!?! What you want a description,you want me to tell you everything bout him!?!

Tim: No need to be such a dickhead...
Bob: Sorry, been a bad day I am reall endraged.
by Dimrrrrrr March 18, 2010
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