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draddle a guy who is hektick and stingy
oi dradle ur jew lol
by sam rides bmx March 04, 2008
When you are boning a Jewish American Princess and you spin her around while she is riding your cock.
Kyle dradled that bitch hardcore.
by Duncan October 21, 2004
A toy top invented by Moses for young boys to have something else to play with while healing from their bris milah.
Momma, give Bernie
his dradle already! Such a screaming
whakkenweiner! So, you want him suffering ODD*, too?
by Herr Doktor Grauwolf December 15, 2008
An act performed while undergoing sexual intercourse with a legless Jewish female; take said Jewish female and place her on top of you. When your penis enters her vagina, you grab her by the hips and spin her like a top.
Guy: Dude! Do you remember Ester?

Friend: You mean that Jewish bitch with no legs that you met at camp last summer?

Guy: Yea man!

Friend: What about her?

Guy: I totally dradled her last night!

Friend: You are my hero!
by Laheim March 26, 2010
A jewish spinner.
Holy shit, that dark haired dradle is getting this schmeck
by greenmonstahmsn.com October 16, 2013
a jewish girl with no legs
I spun that dradle until she honked on me.
by Mike August 07, 2005