To poo in a girls mouth while she's sleeping.
I got Bethany so good last night with a dredge. She never saw it coming.
by Robert Dredge July 27, 2008
Top Definition

A purist lifestyle centered around the philosophy that Dr. Pepper should ONLY be drank from the can, the way god intended this magnificent nectar to be enjoyed.

Dr. Pepper from a fountain or plastic bottle just doesn't taste as good as it does from the can, thus it should ONLY be consumed in its canned form.
Alec: Wanna get a $1 Dr. Pepper at Mcdonald's drive thru?

Bruce: Hell no, you know I'm xDrEDGEx til death!
by Eazy Bleezy April 27, 2011
When you eat another dudes asshole out using a spoon, fork, or other kitchen scraping device while under water in a bath tub or hot tub.
Diego is a Master Dredger.

Brenden was surprised to see the tub water brown after a vicious Dredging session.

Hey, wanna Dredge?
by Goose1 March 07, 2014
The act of filtering bong water to retrieve valuable sediment plus bacteria from all those who have used the bong.

A practice often endured by poor smokers or in general in times of drought or shortage.
There are generally 3 stages of weed: 1st smoke=Green, 1st dredge=black, second dredge=grey.
by morefudgeon May 17, 2014
to hang out of your window while smoking a cigarette
Maggie and kasey like to dredge while their parents are home.
by Kaseyandmaggie December 29, 2007
A piece of gold mining equipment. The dredge consists of pontoons, sluice box,water pump and hose. See keene Dredge.
This summer, Im going to take the dredge to the claim and find some gold!
by Garrett July 11, 2003
Any type of underwater digging, cleaning, and/or excavating a land mass. Used widely in undersea divers (commercial divers).
Today, we are going to go out, and dredge out the casino boat.
by Derrick Bowman January 28, 2006
a smokin' hot chick with a bangin body
Who's the dredge. I just wanna bend that dredge over the table and punish her.
by MILKMAN272722 March 01, 2006
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