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The condition in which a person acts like the famous TV show host, Dr. Phil. This condition affects a person's attitude in ways that make them brutally honest, passionate for helping others, and outrageously positive about life. A person can act this way momentarily or make a lifestyle out of it, telling us precisely what we already know in a remarkably profound way. Either way, this person will give great advice while suffering from Dr.Phillia, even though they probably are not a licensed psychologist.
"'Whoa, I just sounded like Dr. Phil for a second.'
'Watch out, you may be catching Dr. Phillia.'"

"'That girl is so great with advice, but she's not afraid to tell it like it is.'
'That's because she's suffering from chronic Dr.Phillia.'"
by ThatApeyGirl September 16, 2010
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