Short abbreviation for "DisResPects".
Guy 1: Yo brew, you seen my water bottle, I'm thirsty, damn!
Guy 2: Ya brew, I seen that dude walking out right now with it in his hand.
Guy 1: Ah shit, no way somebody just took my water bottle
Guy 2: Yeah brew, D.R.P.!!
Guy 1: Fuckin right, D.R.P.
by Markus_Aurelius March 04, 2011
DRP (d.r.p., D.R.P., etc) stands for drug-related productivity. Anyone who has ever used drugs such as speed or good weed will know exactly what this is.

Note: not to be confused with "tweeking"
Here's an example of some drp:
Guy 1 - Hey man let's write a song
Guy 2 - Alright dude and then we can like rake leaves and shit
by TheManYouFear March 22, 2009
Dumb Retarded Pussy; Stupid Gay Jackass
Derek is a DRP; Derek sucks
by DerekDRP September 22, 2007
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